IVD Background

What is IVD?

IQVIA’s BBC IVD Solutions group actively analyzes the In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry, providing consulting services and market research capabilities to clients. IVD products include medical tests that examine samples to detect, diagnose, and manage medical conditions. This market generates $50 billion in revenue and is in constant flux, driven by new, emerging technologies, health care reform, and mergers and acquisitions.

In vitro diagnostic testing is fundamental to the practice of medicine, and with the breakthroughs in biotechnology, in the cancer area for instance, highly advanced therapy targeted/tailored to the patient will drive demand for increased molecular-based IVD testing. The ongoing developments in laboratory automation, along with rapid developments in personalized medicine/pharmacogenomics, point of care testing and patient self testing, coupled with buoyant geographic market expansion, will continue to fuel growth in the IVD market.

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With a unique concentration in the IVD market, BBC tracks all factors and influences that impact the delivery of health care and the demand for IVD testing, whether a test is conducted in a laboratory, physician office or clinic, the emergency room, or by the patient at home.

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