Associate Analyst

Boston Biomedical Consultants (BBC) actively analyzes the entire In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry, providing consulting services and market research capabilities to clients. IVD products are medical tests that examine samples to detect, diagnose, and manage medical conditions. This niche market generates more than $50 billion in revenue and is in constant flux with new technologies, mergers and acquisitions, and new companies.

The entry level Associate Analyst is a professional staff member of BBC contributing to consulting projects through research, data analysis, and report/presentation preparation. An Associate Analyst must be a high energy, dynamic individual seeking to follow the evolving IVD industry, which continues to grow and develop synergies with imaging and pharmaceuticals.

Associate Analysts are an integral part of BBC project teams assisting in all client and research work. An analyst will have the opportunity to cover a specific area of the IVD market and several companies.

BBC is currently looking to fill entry level Associate Analyst positions.
The Associate Analyst position is best filled by an individual with a strong science background and initiative to engage in primary market research. Language skills are a plus.

General Responsibilities:

  • Developing in depth knowledge of the specific companies and markets using internal BBC files (e.g., financial, product), with responsibility for updating information
  • Building and maintaining a contact network across IVD industry personnel, IVD laboratories (i.e., IVD product end users), health care providers, regulatory/ government personnel related to the IVD business, and university/clinical research personnel
  • Keeping apprised of developments in the IVD industry through continuous surveillance of scientific literature, company reports, and medical publications
  • Conducting telephone and in person interviews with primary information sources
  • Developing company/product profiles and competitive assessments
  • Performing computational checking and editing of spreadsheets
  • Writing sections of reports and contributing to analysis and graphics of projects

In order to maintain in depth knowledge of IVD manufacturers, distributors, and end users, Associate Analysts also have the opportunity to attend conferences to learn about different manufacturers and visit labs to see firsthand how experts use the instruments. Associate Analysts also join industry associations or societies in order to:

  • Collect relevant association data
  • Join a working committee
  • Participate in meetings
  • Write meeting reports
  • BBC maintains an active database of information for a number of markets and companies. Associate Analysts are expected to have versatile computer skills in order to update data in this database and produce spreadsheets and graphics for presentations.


    • B.S. or B.A. with academic excellence; science major preferred; one to two years (full- or
      part-time) business work experience is a plus
    • Proven analytical and conceptual skills that have enabled the candidate to excel in academics and prior work positions
    • Demonstrated leadership potential through successful management of subordinates and/or through specific examples of initiative and leadership in a work or non work setting
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability to learn new information and quickly build a knowledge base
    • Capacity to handle a high degree of multitasking on a daily basis
    • Bilingual skills (Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Slavic) are a plus given BBC’s global coverage of the IVD market
    • Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

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