Boston Biomedical Consultants (BBC) actively analyzes the entire In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry, providing consulting services and market research capabilities to clients. IVD products are medical tests that examine samples to detect, diagnose, and manage medical conditions. This niche market generates more than $50 billion in revenue and is in constant flux with new technologies, mergers and acquisitions, and new companies.

The Consultant is a professional staff member of BBC contributing to consulting projects through research, data analysis, and report/presentation preparation. A Consultant must be a high energy, dynamic individual seeking to follow the evolving IVD industry, which continues to grow and develop synergies with imaging and pharmaceuticals.

Consultants are an integral part of BBC project teams assisting in all client and research work. A Consultant will have the opportunity to cover a specific area of the IVD market and several companies.

Purpose of the Position:
As a Consultant, the individual professional staff member of Boston Biomedical Consultants. (BBC) is (or will be trained to become) a designated and recognized expert in a specific health care/biomedical industry or product/market area.

The Consultant is responsible for maintaining surveillance of industry, market, products, technology and competitive conditions in a designated area. To facilitate expert status, the Consultant must maintain excellent ties with a variety of peer leaders among end users and academic circles, as well as strong industry connections.

The Consultant is responsible for maintaining continuous flow of information and enhancing a resident database in the designated area of expertise, and will be available to BBC’s retainer clients, as well as to individual consulting projects and assignments where the particular expertise is required. Strategic planning efforts requiring unique industry and expert knowledge would be supported by the Consultant under the leadership of a Senior Consultant.

General Responsibilities:

  • Independently manage market research projects on behalf of BBC’s clients from initial design to final report and presentation, with the assistance of other BBC staff members including senior consultants and analysts
  • Maintain excellent ties and communications with scientific, academic and end user peers within specific industry areas, including societies and associations
  • Effectively communicate changes and significant events to market research managers and marketing staff of BBC’s client corporations, including response to specific questions, inquiries and requests for data
  • Maintain BBC’s database of market size and trends by segments, as well as its competitive database consisting of market share, profit and loss statements and estimates, and resources committed by major manufacturers participating in specific industry areas
  • Attend, collect data, review and publish reports, if necessary, on key U.S. and international meetings and conventions
  • Be an active volunteer member in industry related associations and societies
  • Under the direction of a Senior Consultant, assist and share in the following:
    • Attendance at industry related scientific sessions and meetings
    • Manufacturer sponsored seminars and events
    • International meetings and conventions
  • Manage and control BBC’s database of information, estimates and projections of specific market segments, competitive structure and technology, with the assistance of an Analyst, as required
  • Be a public spokesperson and participate as such in representing BBC as an expert Consultant by:
    • Participating and giving seminars, presentations and interviews
    • Coordinating press releases and public statements concerning an opinion by BBC in specified areas of expertise/knowledge
    • Daily, frequent interaction with BBC’s key retainer clients and their market research and marketing staff personnel both to satisfy inquiries as well as project requests

Resources and Responsibilities:

  • As an expert Consultant, all of BBC’s information and data processing resources are available to you. Maintenance, upgrading and management of these resources in the designated expert area is required, as well as participation in the maintenance of industry and product/market databases
  • Frequent interaction and support of senior planning consultant activity as reasonably requested and required
  • Effective management, supervision, initial training and development of analysts
  • Control over subscriptions, external database access and information collection systems principally in the area of designated area of expertise, including scientific/technical journals and publications

The position of Consultant is well established at BBC, and is critical in supporting the firm’s reputation and business as industry experts and strategic planning consultants within the industry. It requires intimate product, industry, technology, and customer knowledge, as well as maturity and tact in dealing with competing clients and the industry peer groups.


The Consultant possesses the following qualifications:

  • A B.S./B.A. degree, with academic excellence (preferably in a science oriented program)
  • An MBA would be a definite asset
  • At least three years industry experience
  • Excellent analytical, conceptual skills
  • Proven verbal and written communication abilities
  • Computer literacy

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