Purpose of Position
The Analyst is a professional staff member of BBC who leads market research and consulting projects. In addition to holding all of the responsibilities of Associate Analysts, Analysts communicate directly with clients, are responsible for the supervision and development of Associate Analysts, and ensure that projects are completed to the consultants’ specifications efficiently and on time. An Analyst must be a high energy, dynamic individual seeking to follow the evolving IVD industry, which continues to grow and develop synergies with imaging and pharmaceuticals.


  • At least three years work experience in a consulting or diagnostic setting
  • A B.S. or B.A. with academic excellence; MBA and/or language skills is a plus
  • Proven analytical and conceptual skills that have enabled the candidate to excel in academics and prior work positions
  • Demonstrated leadership potential through successful management of subordinates and/or through specific examples of initiative and leadership in a work or non work setting
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to learn new information and quickly build a knowledge base
  • Capacity to handle a high degree of multitasking on a daily basis
  • Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

General Responsibilities

  • Developing in depth knowledge of the specific companies and markets using internal BBC files (e.g., financial, product), with responsibility for updating information
  • Building and maintaining a contact network across IVD industry personnel, IVD laboratories (i.e., IVD product end users), health care providers, regulatory/ government personnel related to the IVD business, and university/clinical research personnel
  • Keeping apprised of developments in the IVD industry through continuous surveillance of scientific literature, company reports, and medical publications
  • Conducting telephone and in person interviews with primary information sources
  • Developing company/product profiles and competitive assessments
  • Performing computational checking and editing of spreadsheets
  • Writing sections of reports and contributing to analysis and graphics of projects.

Project Management
Analysts are responsible for designing work plans, assigning project tasks, collecting and analyzing relevant data, writing and preparing reports, and ensuring that projects meet the consultants’ standards within predetermined deadlines and budgets. Analysts are responsible for communicating project progress to team members as well as the consultants, the administrative staff, and in select cases, the client.

Aside from general project management, Analysts play a crucial part in BBC’s annual IVD market assessment. As a team, Analysts ensure that the assessment progresses smoothly and efficiently. This is accomplished through thorough planning, Associate Analyst training, continuous progress monitoring, and consistent support for other BBC staff members. In short, Analysts remove roadblocks to the annual IVD assessment’s progress and make sure that Associate Analysts understand and efficiently complete their responsibilities.

Client Relationship Management
Analysts are primary contacts for BBC clients and manage client communication. They are responsible for understanding specific clients’ businesses and interests. They actively notify clients of current competitive market developments through information alerts and other correspondence. While Analysts do not have project sales quotas, they support the consultants’ sales efforts by preparing proposals. Analysts are strongly encouraged to generate and act on their own sales leads with both existing clients and new clients.

Associate Analyst Management
Analysts are responsible for the supervision and development of Associate Analysts. Analysts train Associates, build and evaluate their weekly work plans, ensure that they comply with BBC policies, assign tasks, provide performance feedback, and in general, provide them with a means to build the skills necessary to become an Analyst. Analysts are held accountable for the work of their Associates. Analysts should work to ensure that their Associate Analysts meet or exceed position requirements and can achieve 70% billable goals. Analysts communicate Associate Analysts’ successes, areas of improvement/development, concerns, and goals to senior staff members.