IVD Opportunity Assessment

IVD Opportunity Assessment

BBC IVD Solutions has supported its clients in IVD opportunity assessments for over 40 years and engaged in hundreds of projects supporting client investments and growth strategies.

Based on the consultants’ in-depth understanding of the global market and customer needs, as well as emerging technology and competitive trends, BBC has assessed opportunities related to:

  • New Biomarkers
  • Diversification (related market entry)
  • Divestitures
  • Product development (importance of product/system/test features for success)
  • Technology forecasting (considering critical success factors, technology expectations, reimbursement, and market dynamics)

Considering factors such as the competitive landscape, the reimbursement and regulatory environments, as well as commercial and technological key success factors, our consultants are able to determine the attractiveness of an opportunity (biomarker, technology, market) along with the potential return on investment.

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