Market Sizing & Forecasting

Market Sizing & Forecasting

BBC IVD Solutions has led the way in assessing and sizing IVD markets for over 40 years. The strength and quality of our data comes from an unparalleled emphasis on consistent, ongoing surveillance of individual IVD markets by our experts.

  • New product launches
  • Key competitor activity
  • Reimbursement changes
  • Regulatory processes and hurdles
  • Demographic trends
  • Voice of the customer (laboratory/new test adoption curves) and decentralized testing (NPT/POC)
  • Technology trends
  • Macro-economic factors influencing patient care in different regions and individual countries.

Each analysis and forecast prepared by our consultants is based on a thorough understanding of the market, technology trends, key players, customers, and dynamics, all supported by our extensive, proprietary historical database.

Our database allows us to meet our clients’ needs for market size estimates with little advance notice and quickly address urgent data needs.

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