Global Reach

Global Insights for IVD Success


BBC is a global IVD organization with its reports, analysis, and daily coverage spanning North America (with segmentation between the U.S. and Canada), Latin America, EMEA (with segmentation between Western Europe and Eastern Europe/Middle East/Africa), Japan, and Asia Pacific. The BBC organization consists of team members with dedicated geographic coverage, with a particular focus on the high growth, emerging markets. The combination of centralized BBC IVD experts and on the ground (in-country) resources, through parent company IQVIA, provides for unparalleled global coverage in a consistent and detailed fashion.


BBC maintains a worldwide network and leverages its more than 10,000 global contacts to gain insights from the various markets, segments, and regions that comprise the >$50 billion IVD industry. Whether through annual IVD reports (e.g., China IVD Market Book) or customized client projects (e.g., India Primary Market Research study), BBC can address the global and local needs of its clients.


Our vast network and history in the IVD industry affords us the unique ability to know what is driving the market today and stay ahead of what will influence the market tomorrow.