Analytical Pieces

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COVID-19: Rapid response and financial impact for the IVD industry
Greg Stutman and Sunayana Karra, IQVIA white paper, January 17, 2020

Decentralized Healthcare and POC Testing in LATAM
Kathy Reyes and Stephanie DeAlmeida, IQVIA blog, September 30, 2019

Rethinking Innovation in the Core Lab
Greg Stutman is quoted in Clinical Laboratory News, April, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and In Vitro Diagnostics: Advancing Patient Care
Alina Kim, Monique Menezes, and Michaela Miller, IQVIA blog, March 11, 2019

Getting the diagnostics for CDI just right
Monique Menezes and Kristen Johnson, IQVIA blog, January 28, 2019

Key Takeaways from the 18th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting (DTM)
Mike Lee, IQVIA blog, January 25, 2019

Analysis: IVD innovation accelerates in Asia
Greg Stutman is quoted in HealthInvestor Asia, August 24, 2017

Tech Will Make Lab Diagnostics Better for Everyone
Greg Stutman is quoted on Point of Care trends in Techonomy, June 16, 2017

Mass spectrometry makes inroads into the clinical lab
Alina Kim, Sunayana Karra, and Akash Kundu, MedTech Insight, October 2016

China Dips Its Toes in Disruptive IVD
Hrishi Poola and Jon Chen, CLINICA, August 2015

AACC PREVIEW: China IVDs on the rise but barriers remain
Hrishi Poola, Jonathan Chen, and Yi Ling Dai, CLINICA, July 2014

China makes its mark on global IVD stage
Greg Stutman and Jonathan Chen, CLINICA, Aug 2013

EASD 2010:Innovations and challenges facing the diabetes care IVD industry
CLINICA, Jan/Feb 2011

AABB 2010: IVD Innovation Continues In Transfusion Medicine Despite Challenges
CLINICA, Dec 2010

AABB 2009: Balancing patient safety and cost-effectiveness
CLINICA, Issue No 1357, Jan 8th, 2010

AABB 2008: Pathogen inactivation tops agenda with TRALI and emerging pathogens
Carrie Cresenzi and Leigh Stokey, CLINICA, Jan 2009

AABB 2007: A year of superlatives for blood banking in the US
CLINICA, Feb 8th, 2008

AABB 2006: TRALI becomes a key theme for the US blood supply industry
Kerri Weinert and Carrie Cresenzi, CLINICA, Jan 2007

AABB 2005: New products, techniques and automation on the agenda
Kerri Weinert and Carrie Cresenzi, CLINICA, Dec 2005

Patch-Pump Technology to Manage Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Hurdles to Market Acceptance
Matthew Skladany, Michaela Miller, Joshua Guthermann, Christopher Ludwig, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Nov 2008

Convergence of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and In-Hospital Tight Glycemic Control: Closing the Gap between Caregivers and Industry
Michaela Miller, Matthew Skladany, Christopher Ludwig and Joshua Guthermann, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Nov 2007