Case Studies

Brazil WBG Monitoring Trends

Assess the size, current and future trends of the Brazil Whole Blood Glucose (WBG) Monitoring market in support of a client’s market entry strategy.

Pharmaceutical Oncology Test Panel

A large pharmaceutical company asked BBC to evaluate the business case and opportunity associated with the development of a test panel for a specific oncology indication in the U.S.

Trends in the China IVD Market

Assess the size, current and future trends, competitive positioning and performance trends of the China IVD market.

Fortune 50 IVD Acquisition

A Fortune 50 company approached BBC to assess the competitive and environmental dynamics of a key segment within the IVD industry. The client requested a quantitative and qualitative analysis that included both a 10-year historical and five-year forecast review. The findings from the analysis would support the client’s ultimate decision whether to enter the IVD market via an acquisition.

NGS IVD Technology Assessment

To asses the state of implementation of a potential disruptive technology (NGS) in the clinical setting and its impact on existing IVD technologies in the U.S.