Fortune 50 IVD Acquisition

Fortune 50 IVD Acquisition


A Fortune 50 company approached BBC to assess the competitive and environmental dynamics of a key segment within the IVD industry. The client requested a quantitative and qualitative analysis that included both a 10-year historical and five-year forecast review. The findings from the analysis would support the client’s ultimate decision whether to enter the IVD market via an acquisition.


After working with the client to design a customized project, BBC leveraged its proprietary databases, which track instrument annual placements, installed base, and revenue by company brand/model and by region of the world. BBC has systematically tracked the market by instrument for more than 20 years, which provides the firm with in-depth historical insights on key industry trends. Our team compiled a 5-year market forecast, leveraging the organization’s network, which spans more than 10,000 industry representatives, hospital and laboratory professionals, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and other healthcare community members, thus providing BBC with a true enterprise perspective of the operating environment within the IVD industry. This approach, which is continually enhanced by BBC, allows the firm to fully comprehend and appreciate the challenges and opportunities that exist, and the influence of each stakeholder within the IVD operating environment.


Following delivery of the full analysis by BBC, the client entered the IVD market through acquisition and has established itself as a leading player in its served market.