Pharmaceutical Oncology Test Panel

Pharmaceutical Oncology Test Panel


A large pharmaceutical company asked BBC to evaluate the business case and opportunity associated with the development of a test panel for a specific oncology indication in the U.S.

Pharmaceutical Case Study


BBC conducted primary market research with U.S. laboratories and physicians to assess the following (not all inclusive): The clinical utility of existing biomarker tests, who is ordering these mutation tests and at what stage, why physicians are ordering the test, how physicians are utilizing results, how treatment decisions are influenced, and cost considerations for test ordering. The research was complemented with thorough secondary research to evaluate any short and long-term competitive threats.


BBC prepared an analysis of the findings for the client with specific recommendations on biomarkers, panel specifications, and other product and commercial aspects. Primary research was shared with the client and a forecast developed to assess the specific opportunity associated with the proposed test panel, taking macro-economic factors into consideration, including competition. Results were shared in a face-to-face presentation with the client’s leadership team.