Point of Care

Point Of Care

BBC provides a wealth of custom reports in the Point-Of-Care (POC) IVD market, also referred to as Near-Patient Testing (NPT). The POC IVD market spans multiple end-user segments, including, but not limited to: Physician Office Laboratories (POLs), hospital acute care settings (e.g., ICU, ER, etc.), retail/pharmacy clinics, and Patient Self-Testing (PST). BBC’s database of knowledge features data gained from four primary types of POC instruments: rapid tests, fully automated, semiautomated, and manual technology. BBC’s reports provide quantitative (market sizing) and qualitative analysis by geographic region for the following POC segments (among others):

  • Blood Gas and Electrolytes: Tests for blood pH, electrolyte levels, and gas concentrations (e.g., pO2 and pCO2 levels). Includes classic benchtop, cartridge benchtop, and handheld technology
  • Rapid Testing: Lateral flow immunoassay tests for (among others), including digital readers:
      • Infectious Disease Testing: HIV, HCV, enteric, and other major pathogens
      • Endocrine Testing: Tests designed for visual read in laboratory and ambulatory settings, including fertility and pregnancy tests
      • Cancer Testing: i-FOBT and g-FOBT
      • Drugs of Abuse Testing: Tests for illegal substances (e.g., amphetamines, cocaine, opiates etc.)
  • POC Immunoassay/Cardiac: Tests for heart attack markers (e.g., Troponin and BNP) and other IA-based applications (e.g., PCT/sepsis, D-dimer, hCG, etc.). Includes Cardiac Rapid Test Products
  • Coagulation: Routine testing for patients in the Hospital POC segment (e.g., ACT) and those on anticoagulant therapy in the ambulatory and PST settings (e.g., PT/INR)
  • Diabetes: Tests for whole blood glucose monitoring (at bedside and hospital-based settings). Includes connected and non-connected meters
  • HbA1c: Tests for evaluating glycated hemoglobin levels. Includes PST meters
  • Ambulatory Clinical Chemistry: Tests for cholesterol and other lipids in ambulatory settings (typically cartridge- or strip-based technology)
  • Decentralized Clinical Chemistry: Benchtop clinical chemistry analyzers to test for bilirubin, lipids, and hemoglobin etc.
  • Urinalysis: Includes kidney function tests, among others, across manual, semiautomated, and automated applications
  • Molecular: Includes CLIA-waived molecular tests for Influenza, RSV,  Strep A, etc.


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